About Us

The Legacy of P.N. Gadgil

The glorious journey of P.N. Gadgil jewellers started more than 185 years ago, when a man full of dreams started a small shop in Sangli. That man was Purushottam Narayan Gadgil and the shop was called Purushottam Narayan Gadgil Saraf and Zaveri Dukan. More than what the shop sold, what kept it in people’s hearts was the values it stood for; Trust, Purity, and Commitment. Carrying the legacy forward, Dajikaka Gadgil,brought the legacy of P.N. Gadgil to Pune where it quickly became the most trusted name - a name synonymous with celebrating occasions as well as milestones. The unshakeable business morals and ethics that Dajikaka instilled in the brand and it’s journey thereon, have remained constant ever since then.

PNG 1832

Keeping with the times, P.N. Gadgil has constantly innovated its designs and styles in gold, diamond as well as silver. However, the one value that has remained the same is the immense trust that our patrons have placed in us and that has enabled P.N. Gadgil to offer only genuine and completely authentic jewellery and souvenirs across generations.

“It is our patrons who have helped us in creating a bond of unshakeable trust that has continued from one generation to another ; our final responsibility is towards them. We fulfill this responsibility through our commitment to purity and finesse in designs”, believes Abhay Gadgil, the director of PNG 1832.

The minute you set foot in the store, you are set to be met with familiar smiles and faces that greet you with enthusiasm. There are no sales people behind the counters instead you would be talking to your family jeweler, who will not only help you every step of the way but also advise you when needed. We are not selling jewellery, we are making your occasions and milestones shine brighter. PNG 1832, is fully committed to you with a promise of purity that has withstood changing times.


The brand, PNG 1832, is led by Abhay Gadgil, who is the nephew of Dajikaka Gadgil. An intrinsic part of the P.N. Gadgil brand, he is known for his able leadership as well as his vision that is synonymous with the values of trust, purity and commitment. With these ethics firmly instilled in him, he leads the brand with the same principles but with a newer vision. This is his first independent venture in jewellery sector.
An ardent film enthusiast, he has produced several acclaimed Marathi films, some of which have won several awards at national and international level. He is also the current head of IME Films division. He is the current District Governor of the Rotary Club of Pune and is consequently involved with a number of welfare projects. He is also the recipient of the Corporate Excellence Award conferred upon him by the leading Marathi daily, Lokmat. Deepa Gadgil is his wife and shares the same vision for the future of PNG 1832 that promises to be as illustrious as it was in the past.

Quality Policy

Any piece of jewellery, bullion or valuable souvenir that you buy from PNG 1832 is looked at through the lens of purity and trust. Being a family jeweler, we are there with you for all your celebrations, occasions and milestones. We deem it our highest responsibility to make the promise of the finest quality of materials to you. Our endeavor is to offer you the most exquisite jewellery in pure form and we know that you trust us with the most important part of your religious and personal celebrations. This is an adage that we have maintained since 1832 and the legacy that we have established since then has only pushed us to offer you the best. As you walk into the store, you will interact with people who truly care about you and your choices, who respect you and treat you with as a part of the P.N. Gadgil family. As stated before, we do not have salespeople behind the counter, each person genuinely cares about you and is like a family to us as well as you. These are ethics, values and principles that we don’t just say but live by each day. Our offerings consist of 18K and 22K pure gold jewellery as well as bullion. The diamond collection is made only with certified, purely cut and clear diamonds. Each of the pieces sold at the store are inscribed with the P.N. Gadgil hallmark, this mark ensures you that you are only receiving the purest and genuine jewellery.