The PNG 1832 Promises

Lifetime Product Service

Every product that you buy from us is packaged with utmost love, care, and purity. We make the promise of a lifetime association that spans across generations and is undying in its commitment and trust. Every little piece of jewelry demands regular care and maintenance and you can be assured that you will receive the very same at the PNG 1832 store.

No Questions Asked Returns

We value you and your association with us above all. As such everything that is important to you is important to us; your time is certainly one such factor. We trust you completely when you tell us that you want to return a product, although such events are rare. Every product that you buy from is inscribed with the P.N. Gadgil Hallmark and thus, you can rest assured that in the event that a product is unable to match your vision, we will be graciously accepting returns too and thus, promise you that every product with the P.N. Gadgil mark can be returned to us hassle-free.

Certified Jewellery

As a mark of our legacy that is more than a century old, we etch each of the products sold at Pu.Na. Gadgil with hallmark. This mark ensures that the valuables that you have just bought are of the highest quality. The certificate that accompanies each purchase also contains all the information about the product. Every diamond is also certified with the GSI (Gemological Science International) certification. We are committed to offering you only the best!

Easy Returns/Exchanges

Every consultant at the PNG 1832 store will be with you every step of the way as you select jewelry that matches your dreams. However, it may happen that after you have walked out of the store; you may feel like changing your mind. Since our association is one that spans years and is not limited to just one purchase, we gladly offer you an easy exchange and return policy.